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Rabu, 1 Mei 2013

My Mid-Year Exam @_@

              How you're being??I hope you are always in the pink..I guest dah lama gile sangat kot tak edit blog since I haven't a moment to spare..

see!? homework,,homework and homework..fuhh (sigh)

   And since this 15 May I will facing an exam (mid-year exam) I must struggle very hard to gain a good result so that I can make my parents proud of me..BUT,,MATHEMATICS make me horror..I not very care about the other subject because I just need to read a lot for gain the information especially Sejarah and force my mind to memorize for Science..I also need to read an essay a lot to improve my BM and BI..and need to improve my grammar because I had a broken english,,haha,,When I'm writing an essay in english and then read it back,,sometimes I will laugh because I feel it is so funny..And who care??everyday I'm trying to improve my english and learn new word..I would like to thank my english teacher Mrs Yeap because has taught me a lot of new words and fix my grammar mistakes even sometimes I always sleepy in your class..hehe..

      Ok everybody,,since masa tidak mengizinkan untuk terus menaip,,I need to stop right now..bye Assalamualaykum...

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